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Getting Started

Log in and start connecting instantly with NextivaONE.

Managing Call & Voicemails

Quickly make and receive calls from your computer or cell phone – including the ability to view and listen to voicemail messages.

Managing Video Meetings

Collaborate one-on-one or with multiple participants via video with just a few clicks.

Managing Text / SMS

Send and respond to texts using your Nextiva business phone number.

Managing Chat & Rooms

Send and respond to teammates via instant message – including the ability to create rooms to collaborate and share ideas.

Managing Contacts & Calendar

Quickly import contacts from Google Contacts or Office 365 to Nextiva or manually add contacts with just a few clicks.

Notifications & Settings

Set up notifications that work best for you during the times that matter most.

Using Nextiva Mobile App

Download the Nextiva Mobile app so you are always connected to your business.


If you’re having trouble connecting to Nextiva on the desktop app or in a browser, learn more about how to troubleshoot.